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SafeHarbour Web Solutions was founded by Dan Kelly in 2019. 

SafeHarbour was born out of a growing gap between those individuals and businesses investing time and money into creating their own websites and those willing to spend large sums of money on large web design firms in order to build their sites for them. 

We exist to service those who need an inspiring website, one they can be proud of and one which functions the way it is needed to. We believe strongly in simple but effective design and instilling style and passion into our designs. 

We too have other projects and understand the part-timers and start-up's. We love working with business's and individuals who are new to the game and those who are balancing multiple projects or jobs to pursue their new project either part time or full time. 

We love getting as excited as you are about new projects, so please, tell us about yours today...

Dan Kelly in Cappadocia, Turkey, 2013
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